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  • 产品名称: XHD-2 Electric Hospital Bed C

Size: L2150*W980*H500-720mm

1.PE material bed head and foot boards,with self-locking device,available for CPR;equipped with electrical controller and weight scale LCD display.

2.New type folding guard rails,imported PE material shaped by blow molding,with steel locking device,equipped with electrical controller on both sides of the rails.

3.Bed board punching press and shaping in one time,Anti slip system on both sides of the bed.

4. Foue 125mm super abr castors with central brake,asion resistance,to promote a flexible and convenient movement and locking.

5.Four pieces of Taiwan imported liner actuators,with backup battery optional.

6.Backrest adjustment angle:  0-70°±5° Legrest adjustment angle:  0-40°±5°

7.Height adjustment:500-720mm  Trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg angle:0-12°

8.Embedded weighing scale   Loading capacity:235kgs